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UAE VAT Registration & Filing Services

Streamline your UAE VAT registration process with Open Hub Corporate Services - expert support and seamless solutions for hassle-free compliance.
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Vat Registration in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) implemented a 5% standard VAT rate on January 1, 2018. VAT-registered businesses must charge VAT on taxable goods and pay the collected tax to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA). The FTA reimburses them for their VAT on their business expenses (input tax).

Our Services

We understand that VAT can be challenging and complicated. That's why we are here to help. Our team of professionals will ensure your compliance with UAE VAT regulations. We'll work with you to ensure you get the most out of our VAT services in UAE. We offer:

VAT Consultancy

If you are doing business in the UAE, it is important to understand how VAT works and what your obligations are. We can help you with all aspects of VAT, from registration to return filing.

VAT De-registration Service

We can help businesses in the UAE deregister from VAT by suspending their Tax Registration Number (TRN) and cancelling Vat registration.

VAT Transaction Advisory Service

We advise companies on the best way to structure transactions to minimise tax liabilities, provide guidance on claiming input tax credits, and advise on other matters relating to implementing VAT in the UAE.

VAT Registration Service

Our VAT registration service can help businesses with all aspects of VAT registration and ensure compliance with all VAT regulations.

VAT Return Filing Service

We offer services for VAT return filing in UAE to help businesses meet their deadlines for filing tax returns. Our service includes electronic and paper filing options and assistance with keeping accurate records.

VAT Accounting Service

VAT accounting can be a complex task for businesses. Our VAT accounting service offers expert assistance to ensure your business is compliant with VAT regulations and can help you avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Types Of VAT Registration in Dubai

There are two types of VAT registration in Dubai.


Mandatory Registration


According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), businesses or individuals with an annual turnover of at least AED 375,000 must register for VAT and get a Tax Registration Number (TRN) to conduct business.

Voluntary Registration

According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), businesses and individuals with an annual turnover between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000 can voluntarily register for VAT Registration and obtain a Tax Registration Number (TRN). Whether a business registers or not is entirely up to the business itself.

Get professional VAT Registration Services

Maximize your business potential and minimize the hassle of VAT registration in the UAE with our professional services at Open Hub Corporate Services. Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on growth.

The Importance of VAT Registration

As a business owner in the UAE, it is important to register for VAT. This ensures compliance with the law and helps businesses charge the correct VAT amount. It also allows businesses to reclaim VAT on purchases. Reclaiming VAT can be a significant saving for businesses with a large turnover. Voluntary registration gives businesses a competitive edge. It shows you are a serious and professional business committed to complying with UAE tax laws. Voluntary registration also makes it easier to do business with other VAT-registered businesses in the UAE.

Companies that either fail to register for VAT or file a VAT return in UAE are subject to severe fines. Any company that operates without being VAT registered will be fined AED 10,000 plus an additional AED 1000 for each tax period in which no VAT return was filed. Moreover, non-registered companies cannot receive input tax credits.

It is, therefore, evident that registering for VAT in the UAE is important, even though doing so is not mandated by law. So, if you are doing business in the UAE, it is best to consult a tax consultant to ensure they meet all their tax obligations.

Our Process

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