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Streamline Your Attestation Needs with Open Hub

Open Hub Corporate Services provides reliable attestation services in the UAE to help businesses and individuals authenticate their important documents and transactions.

Attestation Services in the UAE

Document attestation is an important process in the UAE that helps verify various documents' authenticity. Certificate attestation services in the UAE help to ensure that all documents submitted in the UAE are valid and genuine. This is a mandatory procedure when opening a branch, a subsidiary or having an international corporate shareholder.


Ensure compliance and gain credibility with Open Hub's Third-party Approvals services.

Our Prompt Attestation Services

Our attestation services are among the best attestation services in Dubai. We provide fast and efficient services and offer competitive rates. We understand the importance of getting the attestation of your documents quickly and efficiently, and we will work with you to ensure everything is in order. If you need to attest your documents for use in Dubai or another country, we can help.

Open Hub handles attestation from A to Z, including transportation of original documents, translations, attestation in home countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE (MOFA), Ministry of Justice UAE and more.

Civil Defence Approval

The Civil Defence Approval process involves a comprehensive evaluation of your facility or event venue to ensure it meets all necessary safety standards. We offer expert assistance with obtaining Civil Defence Approval, from initial assessment to final approval. Let us help you ensure the safety of your business in the UAE.

RTA Approval

The RTA is responsible for regulating and ensuring the safety of all transportation infrastructure in the country. Their approval is required for any project that may impact roads, parking, or public transport systems. Without proper RTA approval, your project could be delayed or even shut down. Let our team of experts help you navigate the RTA approval process and ensure a smooth and successful project.

Property Inspection

As a property owner in the UAE, you know how important it is to get your property inspected and approved before selling or renting it out. But navigating the inspection and approval process can be confusing and time-consuming. That's where we come in. With our help, you can rest assured that your property is up to code and ready for the market. Contact us today to get started.

DFSA Approval

Open Hub's third-party approvals help businesses navigate the complex landscape of financial regulation and ensure compliance with DFSA regulations. Our expert team can guide you through the approval process and help you ensure that your business meets all necessary requirements.

Dubai Municipality - Restaurants

With Open Hub's Third-party Approvals services for Dubai Municipality (Restaurants) approvals, we can help restaurants ensure compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations. Our expert team can guide you through the approval process and help you demonstrate credibility to customers and stakeholders.

Dubai Police

Gain trust and demonstrate your commitment to security by obtaining third-party approvals from Dubai Police through Open Hub Corporate Services. Our expert team can help you ensure compliance and navigate the approval process in a professional manner.

VARA Crypto regulation

Keep pace with the constantly changing world of cryptocurrency by obtaining VARA crypto regulation approvals from Open Hub. Our team of experts can assist you in navigating the intricate regulatory framework and ensuring that your company complies with all relevant regulations. By obtaining our third-party approval, you can showcase your reliability and credibility to potential investors and customers alike.

DTCM - Short Term Rentals

Open Hub's third-party approvals for short-term rental properties ensure compliance with DTCM's strict standards for safety and comfort, helping you demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness to customers and stakeholders. Our expert team can help you navigate the approval process and ensure that your property meets all necessary requirements.

SIRA Approval 

SIRA approval helps companies in Dubai demonstrate compliance with strict regulations and gain credibility with customers and stakeholders. Our expert team can guide you through the approval process, helping you ensure that your company meets all necessary requirements. With our help you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and security, differentiate yourself from competitors, and attract new business opportunities.

RERA Approval

Open Hub offers third-party approvals for real estate projects, helping you demonstrate compliance with RERA regulations and gain credibility with potential buyers. Our expert team can guide you through the approval process and help you ensure that your project meets all necessary requirements.

DEWA Approval

DEWA Approval is an essential requirement for any construction or installation project in the UAE. DEWA is the sole electricity and water services provider in Dubai. DEWA must approve all electrical and plumbing works to ensure compliance with their regulations and standards. Its approval guarantees the safety and efficiency of the electrical and plumbing systems in a building, ensuring the welfare of occupants.

Why Choose Open Hub?

The process of attestation can be time-consuming and logistically difficult, but by using the Open Hub attestation service, you can avoid the hassle and delays associated with traditional attestation methods. Our goal is to give our valued clients attestation services in the UAE that are easy, reliable, and quick and to ensure they have a great experience with our team. Get in touch with us for more information.

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