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Get your UAE Golden Visa

Discover new possibilities and unlock opportunities with UAE's Golden Visa. Providing long-term residency options for investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals.

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What is UAE
Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a residency permit allowing holders to live and work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Golden Visa was introduced in May 2019 by the UAE government and is valid for up to 10 years. The new visa program is designed to reward foreign investment, talent, professionals and expertise in the UAE.

You can unlock a world of opportunity with the UAE Golden Visa. It is the perfect solution for individuals and families looking for a safe and secure way to live and work in the UAE without a sponsor. The Golden Visa is your gateway to opportunities and freedom.


Join the elite community of investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the UAE with the Golden, offering a world-class lifestyle and unparalleled access to global markets.

UAE Golden Visa Requirements

To apply for the Golden Residency visa in the UAE, you must meet certain requirements based on your category. Here are the general requirements:

Property Investment

  • Have a property portfolio with a minimum AED 2 million of equity


  • Managers, CEOs, Directors, General Managers with a minimum salary of AED 50,000 per month.

Capital Investment

  • Have a deposit of at least AED 2 million in a UAE-based investment fund

Specialised Talent & Research

  • Doctors, Scientists, Artists, Investors and much more can qualify


  • Establish a company with a minimum capital of AED 2 million

PhD Qualificatons

  • Hold a PhD degree from a top 500 university in the world

UAE Golden Visa Benefits

The Golden Visa UAE offers many benefits to holders:

  • Valid for 10 years

  • Golden Visa UAE does not require a sponsor

  • Ability to leave the UAE for any period of time without having the visa revoked

  • Sponsorship of immediate family members, including spouses and children of any age

  • Sponsorship of parents for a 10-year residency

  • The golden visa holder may sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers

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Benefits specified to Emirates

The following Golden Visa benefits are emirate-specific. 




Abu Dhabi

According to the authorities, foreign residents of Dubai who possess a golden visa and a valid driver's licence from their home country are now eligible to sit a UAE driver's exam without any further training.
Dubai golden visa holders immediately qualify for a UAE driver's licence if they possess a licence from one of 32 approved countries. These countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Qatar, Kuwait, and Ireland.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced that outstanding expatriate students and their families will be granted a 10-year residency Golden Visa in Dubai. They will also receive discounts on higher education at foreign university branches in Dubai.

In Abu Dhabi, anyone with a Golden Visa will be eligible for special deals and discounts on vehicles, real estate, medical care, hotels, insurance, and banking. The incentives are a result of collaboration between the Resident's office and companies from various sectors.
The Abu Dhabi Residents Office has partnered with Imkan Properties to provide Abu Dhabi golden visa holders special discounts on selected properties.
Golden visa holders will also be eligible for discounts on annual family and individual health insurance plans that include extensive benefits and a wide range of providers in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide.

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