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Mainland License

It's important to select the correct type of business license you need for your new company to be able to operate in the UAE. Also factor in your 1-5 year plan with our business set up advisors.

Start your company in Mainland

Dubai Mainland Company License, issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

A Mainland License allows you to conduct business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and now offers 100% ownership for most business activities. Coupled with flexibility to operate from anywhere in the country and remove trade barriers. Our industry experts can help you establish your company in Dubai Mainland through a seamless process.

Why set up your business
on the Mainland

Company registration on the mainland has several advantages. Setting up a mainland corporation ensures success in your professional and business endeavours. Companies based on the mainland provide a wide range of trade, 100% ownership, and location flexibility. It is important to establish your 1-5 year plan with our set up advisors before choosing between mainland and freezone options. 


100% ownership of the business

Companies can now have 100% ownership of their businesses without associating with a local Emirati company or individual as a partner. OpenHub can help you set up your company with 100% ownership with other benefits. We also provide local service agent services and 51% local sponsorship services, if your business activity and/or company requirements legally permit.


No trade restrictions

You have a wide range of options of business activities to choose from, and you can carry out your business operations anywhere in the UAE without any trade restrictions. OpenHub can help you register your business with DED and will be ready to trade.


Access to unlimited visas

There is no restriction on the number of business owners applying for visas for the UAE's mainland. However, the office space needed should align with the number of employee visas requested.


Change between two licenses

We can assist if you are operating under a free zone business structure and are considering switching to a mainland corporation. This can allow you to expand your current operation and provide direct access to new customers. 


Flexibility of location

No geographical or business-to-business trade limitations apply to companies operating on the Dubai mainland. Companies from the mainland are also allowed to conduct business with customers directly from any location in the UAE and provide services to the UAE government.

Mainland Licenses in the UAE

Dubai Mainland 

The Mainland is the territory of Dubai that is not part of a free zone and is governed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). DED issues all three categories of Mainland trade licenses - Professional/Services Licence, Commercial Licence, and Industrial Licence. The most popular business structures on Dubai mainland are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a branch/representative of a foreign firm. 

According to the most recent revision to the UAE Commercial Companies Law, more than 2000 commercial and industrial company operations have been eligible for 100% business ownership under a mainland license since June 1, 2021. This is one of the reasons why establishing a mainland company in Dubai is the most popular option among investors.



- Can locate the business anywhere within the Emirate

- Allows international trade 

- Unlimited employment visas 

- 100% foreign ownership - depending on company activities

- The ability to conduct business across the UAE

- Account Management Personnel

- A diverse range of commercial activity from many industries

Set up Mainland Company

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