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Free Zone License

It's important to select the correct type of business license you need for your new company to be able to operate in the UAE. Also factor in your 1-5 year plan with our business set up advisors.

Get your Free Zone company up and running

In over 50 UAE Free Zones, OpenHub offers assistance with company incorporation. Choosing which free zone best suits your unique business needs will undoubtedly involve reviewing and weighing a lot of information. This also includes location, cost, business type, flexible workspace or office space options, auditing and bookkeeping requirements, visa requirements, share capital requirements, and many other factors.

OpenHub has vast experience in company formation in Free Zones. It has experts from the industry to help you choose the best Free Zone that meets the requirements of your business.

Why set up your business in Free Zone

The advantages you get when setting up a company in a Free Zone and how it affects your business.

It is important to establish your 1-5 year plan with our set-up advisors before choosing between mainland and free zone options


Nature of Business License

Certain authorities must first approve certain company business activities. For a free consultation, get in touch with us today. One of our specialists will guide you through the prerequisites to launch your business.


Ownership of the Company

The key benefit of operating in a UAE Free Zone is that foreign investors can continue to own 100% of their companies on all available business activities. 


Specialized Category of Sectors

The fact that many of the UAE's Free Zones are sector-specific can also offer tremendous opportunities to enterprises operating in Free Zones. As a result, their business owners have quick access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from others in the same industry.


Financial Benefits

Financial benefits of Free Zones include a corporation and income tax rate of 0%, the absence of import- and export-related customs taxes, and the possibility to repatriate 100% of the company's revenues.


The flexibility of the Physical Office

Free Zones allow businesses to operate without needing a corporate office, depending on the company's nature. Many Free Zones in the UAE offer SMEs to work in flexible office spaces and the exemption to lease or own office space.

Open Hub partner Free Zones in the UAE

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was founded in 2002 as a strategic initiative of the Dubai government with the mission of providing the physical, market, and financial infrastructure necessary to set up and maintain a vibrant commodities marketplace. With over 14,100 registered enterprises, DMCC is now officially recognized as the biggest Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates.

DMCC strives to promote Dubai as a commercial gateway, assisting the government in achieving long-term economic growth. Its highly integrated marketplace is critical to the Free Zone's existing and rising firms. As a new enterprise, DMCC is the ideal Free Zone in which to develop.




  • 100% company ownership in the UAE's largest free zone

  • Strategic Positioning

  • Office Solutions That Are Versatile

  • World-Class Business Center

  • A comprehensive selection of business activity alternatives

  • Trading Platforms Training Events

  • Fewer Restrictions on Nationality

Set up Free Zone Company

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