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Dubai Multi Commodities Centre: The Benefits to Getting a DMCC License

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) stands as one of Dubai's and the world's most prosperous freezones. Nestled within a sprawling 200-hectare community, this dynamic hub is home to countless people who live and work in 87 towering structures. Often hailed as the pulsating core of business activity in Dubai, DMCC offers a thriving environment for enterprises.

Within DMCC, businesses enjoy access to an extensive range of freehold commercial properties available for purchase or lease. The ever-expanding portfolio of new buildings provides entrepreneurs with the flexibility to tailor their offices according to specific needs and preferences.

Why Choose DMCC?

Situated conveniently, DMCC is easily accessible from both Dubai airports and the Jebel Ali Port harbor, seamlessly connecting to some of the UAE's most remarkable retail and residential districts.

One notable advantage for businesses within DMCC is the freedom to own 100% of the incorporated company. This unique feature allows entrepreneurs to remit all profits back to their home country without encountering any restrictive measures.

Examples of Some Business Activities Allowed in DMCC

  • Salon

  • Management Consultancies

  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Pharmacy

  • General Trading (E-commerce)

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