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Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy Launches 'Business in Dubai' Program to Propel Digital Startups

Updated: Mar 6

Dubai's relentless pursuit of becoming a digital economy powerhouse has taken a substantial leap forward with the formal launch of the 'Business in Dubai' program by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy. This ambitious initiative, announced in June, is set to revolutionise the landscape for digital-focused startups in the emirate. Positioned as a one-stop shop, 'Business in Dubai' aims to address the hurdles faced by startups, providing crucial support in terms of funding, workspaces and opportunities for growth.

A Dynamic Coalition of Partners

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies a powerful alliance of seven key partners: the Dubai World Trade Centre, the eminent telecom operator du, Dubai Islamic Bank, Mashreq, the Commercial Bank of Dubai, Tecom Group's renowned start-up incubator in5 and the dynamic workspace platform, Letswork. The collective strength of these partners forms the backbone of 'Business in Dubai,' ensuring that startups have access to an extensive network of resources and support.

Twin Pillars of Progress

The 'Business in Dubai' program is built on two fundamental pillars, each designed to empower digital startups on their journey to success. The first pillar is a comprehensive business-matching service that will facilitate meaningful connections between companies, investors, partners and potential customers. This matchmaking service promises to be a game-changer for startups, offering them unparalleled opportunities to expand their networks and find the right partners.

The second pillar encompasses a wide range of institutional services delivered in collaboration with the Dubai Chamber's esteemed partners. This support is aimed at helping startups navigate the complexities of regulations, access resources and leverage the experience and expertise of well-established institutions to foster growth and sustainability.

Incentives to Attract Global Talent

The 'Business in Dubai' program is not just about supporting existing startups; it also has its sights set on attracting fresh talent from around the world. Incentives are being rolled out to encourage both local and international digital startups to choose Dubai as their base of operations. These incentives are anticipated to include preferential business conditions, access to venture capital and more. Dubai is positioning itself as a global hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

Digital Economy.
Digital Economy.

Source: WAM

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