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Streamline your attestation need Open Hub

Open Hub Corporate Services provides reliable attestation services in the UAE to help businesses and individuals authenticate their important documents and transactions.

Accounting Services

Document attestation is an important process in Dubai that helps verify various documents' authenticity. Certificate attestation services in Dubai help to ensure that all documents submitted in Dubai are valid and genuine. This helps to protect individuals and businesses from fraud and other risks.

Our Prompt Attestation Services

Our attestation services are among the best attestation services in Dubai. We provide fast and efficient services and offer competitive rates. We understand the importance of getting the attestation of your documents quickly and efficiently, and we will work with you to ensure everything is in order. If you need to attest your documents for use in Dubai or another country, we can help.

Open Hub handles attestation from A to Z including transportational original documents, translations, attestation in home countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE (MOFA), Ministry of Justice UAE and more.

Certificate Attestation Services
Corporate Shareholder Documents

Board Resolution

Articles of Association

Trade License

Share Certificate


Share Holder Agreement

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Marriage Certificate Attestation

You might need to attest your marriage certificate in the UAE for many reasons. Perhaps you are sponsoring your spouse for a visa or must show that your marriage is genuine to get a residence permit. Whatever the reason, our marriage certificate attestation service is here to help.

Birth Certificate Attestation

A birth certificate is an important document that proves the identity and citizenship of a person. It is used for various purposes, such as applying for a passport or visa or proving one's age or identity. Our birth certificate attestation service is a quick and easy way to get the attestation of your birth certificate from the authorities in Dubai.

Higher Education Certificate (University Degree) Attestation

Looking to get your secondary school certificate(s) attested? Our service is quick, easy, and competitively priced. If you have multiple certificates, we're happy to provide a discount.

Other Document Attestation 

We also offer other document attestation services in Dubai, some of which are brand registration, distribution agreement, the general power of attorney, trademark registration, memorandums, and any other document of commercial nature.

Why Choose Open Hub?

The process of attestation can be time-consuming and logistically difficult, but by using the Open Hub attestation service, you can avoid the hassle and delays associated with traditional attestation methods. Our goal is to give our valued clients attestation services in the UAE that are easy, reliable, and quick and to ensure they have a great experience with our team. Get in touch with us for more information.

Accounting Services

Optimize your financial management and drive your business forward with Open Hub Corporate Services' tailor-made accounting services.

Accounting Services in Dubai

Since the implementation of VAT, the importance of accounting services in Dubai has dramatically increased. In line with its implementation, businesses must keep proper accounting records to comply with the UAE's rules and regulations. Companies now need to present year-end audited financial accounts in some free zones. It can be challenging for many small and medium-sized businesses to keep up with these changes. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may lead to heavy penalties or fines. Therefore, hiring a professional establishment to manage their accounts will ensure all requirements are met.

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Why outsource accounting?

Save time and money by outsourcing your accounting.

When you outsource your accounting, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Bookkeeping and financial reporting will no longer require your attention. Instead, you can concentrate on business growth and revenue generation. You will no longer need to hire in-house accountants, allowing you to save money. How?


When you outsource accounting services, you only pay for the services you need, which can help reduce your overall expenses.

Outsourcing your accounting needs can give you peace of mind knowing that professionals handle financial matters. You will work alongside experienced accountants with expertise in that particular field. Obtaining accounting services can be incredibly advantageous, especially for small businesses, as they can offer expert advice and give direction on financial matters to help you grow your business.

Outsourcing companies use the most recent tools and software to manage your finances more efficiently. The average savings for businesses that outsource their accounting needs is 40-60%.

Professional accounting services

Streamline your finances and skyrocket your success - Open Hub Corporate Services offers customized accounting solutions for UAE businesses!

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